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Traditional Extra Wide Shoji Paper
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Price: $85.99
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Prod. Code: Trad Wide

Traditional Extra Wide Shoji Paper can be used for extra wide doors or screens. This shoji paper is 53" wide and 14' long. It is 50% wood pulp; 30% rayon, 15% manila hemp and 5% vinyl. It maybe installed with with Nori or rice (water soluble) glue found at craft stores. We also use Warlon-double sized tape.

Caution - many of our customers think this shoji paper will save them time and paper because it is extra-wide. What they do not realize is that it is a traditional shoji paper that it is not as strong as the PVC or fabric shoji papers we sell.

If you have questions about which paper to use please contact us. We want to sell you the best product for your purpose.

We do not ship this shoji paper outside of the US.


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