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How shoji doors work

The custom made shoji systems built by Kona Shoji Design are based upon traditional Japanese techniques used to separate interior spaces.  The basic unit is a “lift and slide” wooden door in which the weight of the door is supported by a wooden track fastened to the floor.  An upper track is fastened either to the surface of a wall or to the bottom of the header forming the door opening.  This track has a 3/4” deep groove while the lower track has a 1/4 “ deep groove.  The doors have corresponding tenons to fit in the grooves.

This system allows the doors to be easily moved to any position along the track.  By using a wall mount system, the entire width of the opening can be accessed.  The doors can also be easily removed entirely if desired.

Another unique aspect of shoji is the kumiko pattern, which is the woven lattice of smaller pieces of wood that support the paper or other infill material.  One side of the kumiko pattern is removable in case the paper needs to be replaced. 

Shoji doors can be used in the kitchen as cabinet or pantry doors as well as dividers to separate other interior spaces such as home offices or children’s’ play areas. 



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