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Shipping Information

We know that shipping to and from Hawaii can sometimes be expensive. Therefore we always look for the best shipping rates we can find.

Unfortunately our website does not always compute the least expensive rate. We always double-check the shipping price the website gives you and will correct your invoice to reflect that. We shall contact you of any changes. Please contact us if you want express mailing service (808-315-8947).

We make every effort to get your order out within a day or two and if the item is not in stock we shall tell you. 

Special orders often take up to two weeks to get, since all for our products come airfreight from Japan. For large orders we are often able to have them shipped directly to you from Japan, thus saving you extra freight charges. 

We use the US Postal Service and FedEx and have a $3.00 handling fee for each order. All orders are prepaid with a VISA or MasterCard. We can also accept wire transfers and local checks.


PLEASE NOTE: Out of state orders WILL NOT be charged sales tax. In state orders will be charged .0475% Hawaii GET.

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